1. Objective

The Australian short story is, relatively speaking, a newcomer in the German classroom. However, a close look at the evolution of the Australian short story shows that it has been undervalued and that it is well worth putting a spotlight on this rich literary source.
The short stories in this collection span a century of Australian writing, from the distant past of the penal colony to the multicultural present. They portray life in rural and in urban Australia and shed a light on the relationship between white and indigenous Australians.
Moreover, this collection of short stories aims at giving an overview of the genre on the fifth continent. The selection not only presents an impression of life “down under” from a historical point of view, but also shows examples of the many perspectives this land has to offer due to its history of settlement and immigration, and its specific geographical features. It touches on the lives and fates of the indigenous people, the Aborigines, but it also focuses on the lives of white Australians and recent immigrants.
Five stories included in this collection (How Muster-Master Stoneman Earned His Breakfast, The Drover’s Wife, Marlene, Going Home and Neighbours) are relevant for the Abitur 2012 in Niedersachsen.




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Australian Short Stories


1. Objective



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