3. Table of Contents

Scene from a Penal Colony
Price Warung (William Astley) How Muster-Master Stoneman Earned his Breakfast

Scenes from Aboriginal Australia
Katharine Susannah Prichard: Marlene
Thea Astley: Heart Is Where the Home Is
Archie Weller: Going Home

Scenes from Rural Australia
William Lawson: The Drover’s Wife
Alan Marshall: Trees Can Speak
John Morrison: The Children

Scenes from Urban Australia
Tim Winton: Neighbours
Marjorie Barnard: The Lottery

Additional Material
1. Some Important Dates in Australian History
2. Population Statistics
3. Alexander Maconochie and Penal Reform
4. The Healing of the Nation – Prime Minister Kevin Rudd´s Speech
5. Aboriginal Prison Rates Increasing
6. Myths and Contradictions
7. The Australian Gold Rush
8. Bushfire Museum Would Help Stricken Communities
9. Four Elements that Shaped the Australian Imagination




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Australian Short Stories


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2. Subjects and Setting

3. Table of Contents



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